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And here we go again, good news, it's a small chapter this one. As per usual, my snark & commentary is in purple.

Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed vampire stalker.

And here, ladies and gentlemen is when the downward spiral begins. Brace yourselves and fetch your liquor of choice.

Mr. Banner cleared his throat. "Er, right..." he said, my cold stare making his voice sound a bit strained.

Edward, Mr. Banner is not at fault for your problems. If school bothers you so much, then stop attending; you choose to go back after being in the hospital with Bella, Mr. Banner is worried for two of his students, and would it really kill you to just answer the question? A simple: "Tyler's hurt, nothing serious. And Bella just had a little shock, but fine” would do.
Also: You are a douche.

It just seemed so... so unchivalrous to slander the girl behind her back, especially when she was proving more trustworthy than I could have dreamed.

You know, she almost got crushed by a van. Had she said something, people would just assume that she’s in shock and saying you saved her because she saw you before the accident happened.

Yes. I would fight for her. Against my family. I shuddered.

What did I tell you? Obsessed, I repeat my first statement on this chapter: fetch your liquor of choice.

Her first priority would not be rightness, but me.

Edward’s talking about Esme here, by the way. He’s thinking who in their family would fight with him. Proof that Esme is totally biased.

I could imagine how the girl would react to my kidnapping her.

*Sigh* Ed, you and your thrice damned “family” need some serious counseling.And dear Mrs. Meyer: If you think that Edward is a hero who needs to be praised and is worthy of love, then fuck you. He’s not.

If I were to kill her by accident… I wasn’t certain exactly how much pain that would cause me, but I knew it would be multifaceted and intense.

So no thought whatsoever to her or her family. Hello manpain.

And Edward, a few things: 1.- You’re such a drama queen and 2.- What about her parents?
Please explain me how your pain would be “multifaceted” or intense compared to two parents worried about their missing daughter?!

Oh wait! I forgot! You love her! Silly me, your love is bigger than that of her parents. Of course.

Then they’re off to have a “family meeting” about the incident, which I’ll spare you from reading. All you need to know it’s this: Kill Bella (Rosalie/Jasper/Emmett[?]) vs. Woe-Bella (Edward)
Then, this little piece of assholery from Edward:

“Yes, Rosalie, we all know how proficient assassin you are,” I snarled.

Oh that’s rich coming from you, you asshole. Mr-I-judge-people-for-their-thoughts-and-kill-accordingly.

Fuck you.
Most sincerely,

“I like it here! There’s so little sun, we get to be almost normal.”

Rosalie, as much as I like you, I have to correct you. You guys don’t interact, you cover yourselves in mystery, no one ever sees any of you doing anything “normal”. Thus you aren’t.

“Secondly, she’s my friend. At least, she’s going to be.”

How convenient for Meyer. Alice’s having a vision of her and Bella, in that moment. Another thing, why Alice’s vision are always treated as truths? Why? Human nature is flimsy so often, Bella could get to know Alice and go: “Oh what a bitch” and pretend to like her, just so Alice shut up.

“I’m going to love her someday, Jazz.”

Yes, that makes perfect sense. (See the next quote)
I have news for you Alice: My bff and I met almost 10 years ago, but just because I knew she was a cool person, it never crossed my mind that I would grow to love her like a sister.

I love her, too. Or I will. It’s not the same, but I want her around for that.
“Love her, too?” I whispered, incredulous.
She sighed. You are so blind, Edward. Can’t you see where you’re headed?
Can’t you see where you already are? It’s more inevitable than the sun rising in the east.
See what I see…
I shook my head, horrified. “No.” I tried to shut out the visions she revealed to
me. “I don’t have to follow that course. I’ll leave. I will change the future.”
“You can try,” she said, her voice skeptical.

1.- Alice’s “confirmation” of Edward’s “love” for Bella. By saying that she will love her too, she’s implying that she knows Edward loves Bella. Funny thing, Edward hasn’t used the word “love” yet, he’s admitted to obsession but not love.

2.- Alice’s manipulative way to push her vision to reality. Look at the way she says: “more inevitable than the sun rising”; Alice dear, didn’t your visions changed according to the decisions made?

3.- Alice’s skepticism on Edward’s ability to change the future. Hypothetically, he could change it. Hell, Bella could change it. (Please, indulge me. I know how this series end.)

4.- Here is Meyer trying to be all "well it was destined!", but the truth is, she herself is breaking her own canon (again!) with this. Why? Because Alice herself stablishes that the future changes everyday, with every little decision taken, it changes. And yet, we have an absolute statement regarding the future as solid.

Now, this:

Either he’ll kill her himself—she turned to meet my gaze again, glaring—which would really irritate me, Edward, not to mention what it would do to you.

Let’s go over this slowly: Bella’s death would irritate Alice, why? Because it would mess with her vision of them being bffs. (Yes, I am aware that this is my dislike for Alice showing its head again, but I don’t care.)

Worst of all: Esme’s…joy.

Ok, here Esme’s happy knowing that Edward might get a mate. Yeah, fuck that she might die, lose family, friends, a chance of beautiful life… fuck it all, Edward will have someone.

And people think this is good?!

I could not let Alice’s visions direct me.

Woah, first smart thought Edward has had. I’m in shock.

I know, this was a short chapter, but the following one more than makes up for it. In a lot of ways. Brace yourselves.

Date: 2017-04-28 02:44 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] swiftsnowmane
swiftsnowmane: (Unicorn at the Fountain)
UGH. I am already not a huge fan of first-person (it can be done well, but has to be handled skillfully, imo), and this right here is perfect example of how Not To Do It. All it does here is make an already extremely insufferable character even more so.

Date: 2017-04-29 10:29 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] swiftsnowmane
swiftsnowmane: (Unicorn at the Fountain)
lol, here we go... :P

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