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And on we go with chapter 3, as per usual my snark and commentary is in purple.

"I didn't like feeling a coward," I admitted.

No, the whole issue does not reduce itself at Edward being a coward. But, he is already 'intrigued' with her scent.

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And here you go everybody, second chapter from hell. As usual, my snark is in purple.

The obstruction was a face, just an unremarkable human face, but I couldn’t quite seem to banish it from my mind.

While this quote is completely unremarkable, for me, it signals the obsession he'd develop on Bella. And yes, I'm not afraid to call it obsession.

Her thoughts were chagrined.

Ah and there it is, Meyer's favorite word.

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And so, we begin our snark of "Midnight Sun", the book has Edward's point of view - which is nightmarish enough. But luckily, it's only 12 chapters since Meyer threw a hissy fit and didn't finished it. Word to the wise, good luck my friend and good speed when reading.

My snarkery and commentary is in purple. White is actual quotes.

High School. Or was purgatory the right word? If there was any way to atone for my sins, this ought to count toward the tally in some measure.

No. You listen to me you little shit. High school is in no way whatsoever a way to atone your sins. You killed people. You went on a vigilante inspired kills, so excuse me while I don't see it as a way to atone your sins. In fact, nothing and I repeat NOTHING you do comes even close to atoning your sins.
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