May. 7th, 2017 12:57 am
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 So this week was a special week organized by one of my favorite Star Wars blogs, Spacelatinxs. The thing was to make something using the following prompts: 
  1. Favorite Character
  2. Favorite Relationship
  3. Favorite Line or Scene
  4. Cast
  5. Hero
  6. Legacy
  7. Free Day.

I did for day 1 Cassian Andor. For day 2 I did Jyn & Cassian, for day 3 I used Cassian's "Rebelion's are built on hope." quote. For day 4 I did an edit of Diego Luna, for day 5 I did Poe blowing Starkiller Base, for day 6 I did Shara Bey & Kes Dameron and for day 7 I did my favorite Bail Organa quotes.

I'm quite proud of my work save on day 1, it was rushed and it could have been better, but oh well. And I have to say, it was fun to participate in something that celebrated the Latinx community for once. Specially in Star Wars, so yay.


Apr. 14th, 2017 04:57 pm
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 I was thinking of reposting my "Midnight Sun" snarkery here, but am unsure if I should go ahead and do it. Why? Because the older I get, the more horrified I am at this particular "book"  - ok I'm horrified at the whole series (not a Saga), but Midnight Sun takes the cake thanks to Edward. Seriously, being in his head is unpleasant, but then again, Bella is equally as terrible.

So drop a note if you'd be interested in reading it, to know if I should go ahead and post them again.

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